Chris V

Painting has been a great way for me to self-heal and given me my connection to country.  It has allowed me to express my creativity through imagery.  I’m able to tell dream time stories and my own personal stories about my life.

I am a young indigenous man inspired by my Grandfather’s paintings.  I find my own identity and connection to my heritage through art.  I use my paintings to tell stories and pass on dream time stories from my culture with beautiful flow and 3-D effect. My artistic journey is not only a personal one, but also a say of preserving and promoting my culture.  I use earthy colours in my paintings to convey deeper meaning.  The layering of images represents the layers of my culture and the interconnection of everything in my world.  I hope to spark conversations and educate others about the rich First Nations people, and hope my art is keeping my culture alive and passing on knowledge to other generations.

My art reminds me of the power of creative expression and cultural exchange, which shines a light on the significance of storytelling in indigenous cultures.

I have recently set up my own art business to promote my art to the public. Please check this out at invision_art.