Deanne Jakiel-Hayes

I was born on Wadawurrung Country in Ballarat Victoria.  My Mother is Aboriginal, my Father was Polish.  My Mum is a part of the Stolen Generation, so learning about my culture has been different to what it could have been.  In my 20’s I began to explore my artistic side, and fell into my innate ability to create.  From there it flowed into many different areas but weaving became a significant form of expression for me.  An Elder taught me how to weave and from that moment it just felt like I knew hot to do it.  It came so naturally.

I have exhibited in different places around Ballarat an sold a piece or two along the way.  Outside of that though, I just love to weave.  It connects me to my culture, to the earth, to my ancestors and to myself.  I also enjoy drawing.

Through art I find peace.