Debbie Callister


I grew up on Country, and learnt my cultural knowledge from the Elders. Most of this came in the way of storytelling.

I am from the 3 Rivers, which makes me a Fresh Water person.

I was taught symbols and knowledge of cultural significance.  In turn, I have handed this knowledge down to my children and grandchildren.

I enjoy working with Alpaca fleece, which is provided to me by my beautiful Alpacas on my property.  Using this fleece, I have learnt to make felt products, which involves a very long process of washing, combing and drying the fleece.

In addition to felting, I also love to paint and burn my stories.  I enjoy burning onto local wood .

My artwork keeps me very culturally connected to my ancestors and my culture, and I use my artwork to pay respect to all those who taught me and gave me my cultural knowledge.