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A journey into self discovery – Chris V


Chris V
Acrylic on Canvas
90 x 58
Year: 2023

A journey into self discovery

My journey was one of many twists and turns, and I experienced highs and lows. In the dreaming, the serpent was the creator of our land and water, and it also paved the way for my journey. Meanwhile. the hands represent the people who have helped me along the way. and the white dots symbolise the confusion that arose from the path I though I wanted. As a child, I was taught that our spiritual ancestors were always there to guide and protect us, but I often felt lost and alone. I now realise that I was searching for myself all along. Although my journey is challenging, I am grateful for my partner, family and upcoming role as a father to a daughter. When it comes to imparting wisdom, I will teach her the importance of patience and courage – two essential tools that I wish I had on my own journey.


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