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The story of Min-na-wee (unstretched) – Chris V


Chris V
Acrylic on Canvas
91 x 61
Year: 2023

The story of Min-na-wee (unstretched)

Min-na-wee was a unique individual, even as a young girl.  Her scaly and hard-faced appearance reflected her disdain for others, often causing mischief amongsther peers.  The elders of the tribe were aware of her wrongdoings, and warned her mother that if Min-na-wee continued to cause trouble, something terrible would happen.

As she grew older, Min-na-wee’s behaviour did not change.  During a selection ceremony to determine brides for the young men, Min-na-wee was left standing alone, not chosen to become a wife.  Her hatred and troublemaking only increased, leading to frequent fights and unrest in the tribe.

The elders ultimately decided that Min-na-wee needed to be punished. She was grabbed by the men and rolled around in the dirt, which only fueled her rage.  Seeking revenge, Min-na-wee called on the evil spirits to transform her into a vicious animal. She became a crocodile and waited in the muddy waters for prey.

One day, while the tribe were hunting for mud crabs along the riverbank, Min-na-wee attacked one of the men who had punished her.  She rolled him around in the water, just as she had been rolled around in the dirt.  Satisfied with her revenge, Min-na-wee’s spirit remained with the crocodiles, and to this day, they continue to roll their prey in the water.


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