Karen Aitken

I was born in a single mother’s convent in the 1960’s to a 15 year. old who had fallen pregnant to an Aboriginal man.  Her parents had said “there is no way that baby will ever have a place in this family while we’re alive”. Lucky for me hey…they died real young!

I was given to a middle class family who treated me well, however I was a restless spirit.  At 18 I went to live in the Northern Territory. I felt more at ease there, and lived with a Tribal man 160kms south west of Darwin.

On returning to Victoria, I lived in Warrnambool and met my biological family.  I found that my mob is Kirrae Whurrong (Gunditmara) and Dja Dja Wurrung (Kulin Nation).

I then spent most of my time living on country, where I raised my daughter at Framlingham, along with Banjo, Lenny, Fiona and Jocelyn. 

Even though the first 18 years of my life was spent without my culture, the spirit still burnt within and from my earliest memories, I was searching for my identity. My Art has helped me with this, along with Community.

Always Was, Always Will be.