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Tiddalik the greedy tree frog – Ricky J


Ricky J
Acrylic on Wood
80 x 20 Skateboard Deck
Year: 2023

Tiddalik the greedy tree frog

Long ago in the dreamtime, Tiddalik, the longest frog ever known, awoke one morning with a huge thirst. He started to drink and drank until there was no fresh water left in the world. Soon animals everywhere were getting thirsty and trees were wilting because of the lack of moisture. All the animals pondered about their terrible plight until a wise old wombat said that if we could make Tiddalik laugh, all the water would flow out of his mouth and they all agreed. The animals gathered around Tiddalik and tried for a long time to make him laugh, but it was with no luck, Tiddalik was not amused. Then when the animals were in despair, Nabunum the eel, slid up to Tiddalik and began to dance. Nabunum was twisting himself into all sorts of knots and shapes to amuse Tiddalik. Tiddalik’s eyes lit up and he burst out laughing. As he laughed, the water gushed out of his mouth and flowed away to replenish the lakes, swamps and rivers again.


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